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Customer Data

Access to CRM outside of the office is essential for any mobile workforce. However, every organization has a different process and set different requirements. Want to find out how we can tailor your mobile CRM exactly to your needs? Read more

Planning & Scheduling

For service engineers to do more in less time, it is vital that the field and the back-office are in constant contact with each-other. Think about using real-time scheduling and appointment booking to get the best results. Read more

Track & Trace

Do you have assets and/or people that are constantly moving or are out-of-reach? With a lightweight solution we offer a tool to manage your assets’ location and e.g. get status updates about key performance indicators or location. Read more


Mobility goes hand-in-hand with security concerns. It is always a fine line between making data available to your users and not exposing yourself to unnecessary risks. Would you like to go mobile and still have peace of mind? Read more

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Passionate about providing user-centric solutions

CWR Mobility empowers mobile workers and organizations to become more insightful, agile, productive and customer-centered while reducing their costs and with significant user-adoption.

We have a solid background in enterprise mobility and gained a rich experience in cross-platform app development, CRM, security, deployment, back-end integrations and creating intuitive user-interfaces.

CWR was named Microsoft’s Partner of the Year for Mobility Business-to-Business Applications in 2010 and 2011.

  • Productivity

    72% of organizations say that mobility increases productivity.

  • Security

    82% of decision makers have attempted to limit data access for employees in an attempt to improve security.

  • Mobile first

    By 2017 100% of the customer-facing applications will be build mobile first

  • Sensitive Data

    85% of senior IT security executives worldwide say they are using sensitive data in the cloud.

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